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Second Grade Students are expected to complete homework each night, Monday through Thursday. Math homework will consist of a weekly skills review/maintenance sheet & an occasional page from our Investigations Math curriculum. Spelling homework should be completed each night following the directions below.Students will be assigned personalized word lists based on their needs. There will be no spelling homework during 2 or 3 day weeks. Math and reading homework will continue as normal. Students should return homework to school in their homework folder each day. The weekly math sheet will be sent home on Monday and is due the following Friday.
Weekly Homework Assignments
1. Complete your math homework. 2. (Monday) Write your words two times each in ABC order and in your neatest handwriting.
(Tuesday) Write each of your words in a pyramid. Pyramid example: b
b o
b o a
b o a t
3. Read for 30 minutes and get your READING RECORD signed.
1. Complete your math homework.
2. Choose a spelling activity from the FREE CHOICE LIST.
3. Read for 30 minutes and get your READING RECORD signed.
1. Complete your math homework.
2. Take your practice spelling test. Have an adult grade & sign it. Return your test to school in your homework folder.
3. Read for 30 minutes.
Read for at least 30 minutes and record your reading in your reading record. (earn treasure box tickets!
  • Cut out letters from magazines or the newspaper and glue the letters down to spell your words.
  • Type your words on the computer using different fonts for each letter.
  • Write 5 sentences using all of your spelling words. Underline your words for each sentence.
  • Sort spelling words by: beginning letter, vowel sounds, things that go together, or use your own ideas. List your categories and put the words under the correct category.
  • Write riddles for 5 of your spelling words. Make sure to include your answer. Example: “This word is an animal. It lives in the forest. It starts with the letter B.” _ _ _ _ (Bear)
  • Write your words on graph/grid paper using two spaces for “tall” letters and letters with tails, and one space for “short” letters.
  • Write your words using “fancy” letters.
  • Write a dictionary definition for ten of your words.
  • Play hangman with a parent or buddy using your spelling words. Bring your paper to school.
  • Write your words and write the number of syllables for each word beside it.
  • Write a story using all of your spelling words.
  • Write your words in two colors using one color for consonants and one color for vowels.
  • Use a website to create/solve a word puzzle, word scramble, or words search. Bring your completed puzzle to school:
http://www.scholastic.com/kids/homework/spelling.htm, http://www.superkids.com/aweb/tools/words/scramble/, http://www.superkids.com/aweb/tools/words/search/
  • Write spelling words and use Scrabble® letters to add up how much each word is worth.

  • Remember to take a practice test on Thursday and have your parent or another adult check and sign it.