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Welcome to second grade!

Our lunch time for the 2017-2018 school year is 11:31-11:58.

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Please check our class calendar for updates!


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Hello second grade families!

Please see below for an upcoming optional activity;

In an effort to expand our students understanding of their global community, as well as to enhance our non-fiction unit, we will create a “Current Events Day” in our classroom every Thursday.
Students will be required to bring in an article relevant to the week’s news or their interests. The news article can come from a newspaper, magazine or the internet. New articles are due on Thursday, unless otherwise noted by the teacher.
Good website for children…


As students find their articles please read and discuss the news item with your child. The student will answer the following questions on an index card or sheet of paper:
1. What is the main idea/ topic of the article?
2. Why did I the student choose this article?
3. Write at least three sentences describing important highlights(details) from the article.
Please allow your student to prepare the questions/responses themselves-sounding out the words and attempting to write complete sentences.
The students need to be able to summarize the article for their peers. The students will present their current events on Thursday during our scheduled current event time.
Have fun reading!!

Tanya Headd